A woman loses her identity after marriage

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No law says woman's religion should change to that of husband's after marriage: SC

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No law provides change of woman’s religion after marriage: SC

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No law says woman's religion should change to that of husband's after marriage: SC

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No law provides change of woman’s religion after marriage: SC

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he attack took place in Houston, Texas, and the police are still searching for the suspect. Dec 07,  · The bench said it was only the woman who can decide about her religious identity by exercising her right to choice.

| No law says woman's religion should change to that of husband's after marriage: SC. Dec 07,  · The bench was dealing a legal question whether a Parsi woman loses her religious identity if she marries a man from a different religion.

The Supreme Court on Thursday said the law does not sanction the concept of a woman’s religion getting merged with her husband’s faith after an inter-religion case-vacanze-bologna-centro.com: PTI. On October 9, the top court had referred to a five-judge constitution bench the legal question whether a Parsi woman loses her religious identity after marrying a man of different religion.

Dec 07,  · She had assailed the high court finding that a woman universally loses her paternal identity just because of her marriage with a man practising the Hindu religion. She had also sought the right to visit the ‘Tower of Silence’ in the event of her father’s death to perform last case-vacanze-bologna-centro.com: PTI.

A woman loses her identity after marriage
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