Describing the life and spy career of george trofimoff

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George Trofimoff

George Trofimoff's Spying Career Probably Spanned Decades Life Sentence For Spy. told Bucklew in a letter than anything less than a life sentence for Trofimoff would not be adequate Founded: Sep 18, George Trofimoff.

Colonel George Trofimoff (March 9, – September 19, ) was a United States military intelligence officer of Russian descent. He was convicted in a U.S. Federal court as a spy for the Soviet Union during the s and s. He was sentenced to.

The key wording in the indictment seems to be that Trofimoff, quote, "gave the KGB the opportunity to identify, penetrate and neutralize potential threats to the Soviet Union," describing, of course, his turning over material to the Soviet Union, which, of course, no longer exists, which would then have them get some idea of what the United.

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Early life. Emil Julius Klaus Fuchs was born in Rüsselsheim, Grand Duchy of Hesse, on 29 Decemberthe third of four children of a Lutheran pastor, Emil Fuchs, and his wife Else Wagner. Fuchs was always known by his last given name, Klaus.

He had an older brother Gerhard, an older sister Elisabeth, and a younger sister, mater: University of Leipzig, University of Kiel, University of Bristol, University of Edinburgh.

Jun 14,  · The FBI and prosecutors said that Trofimoff was paid $, over the course of his spy career, and was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, the Soviet award presented for "bravery and self-sacrifice in the defense of the socialist homeland." On 27 SeptemberGeorge Trofimoff was sentenced to life in prison.

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Describing the life and spy career of george trofimoff
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