Name and briefty describe the four basic process strategies

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Functions of Management

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Program Planning

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There are four directions anoperations manager can practice as a process strategy: Process focus Repetitive focus Product focus Mass customizationProcess focus is when a production capability categorized around processes to assistlow-volume, high-variety production. A case for change can come from different sources.

It can be a result of data collected on defect rates, customer satisfaction survey, employee satisfaction survey, customer comment cards, business goals as a result of a strategic planning session or budget pressures. Using data is the best way to identify and justify areas that need to improve through change initiatives.

A process or transformation strategy is an organization's approach to transform resources into goods and services. These goods or services are organized around a specific activity or process. Every organization will have one of the four process strategies. Name And Briefty Describe The Four Basic Process Strategies Describe the basic training processTeam building Decision making Communication skills Computer skills Discuss at least two techniques used for assessing training needs.

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Name and briefty describe the four basic process strategies
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